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French Customs Airfields
Notes provided here on customs are our best knowledge but the status may have changed - you MUST check the AIP, Notams and contact the airfield before travelling.
This list is provided because the situation with French Customs Airfields is complex and changes reasonably frequently. The AIP has proven to not always be accurate.

Spotted a mistake? Please let me know so I can correct the list.

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List of Airfields that DO Provided Facilities:

#ICAONameEmail Address on FileCustoms?
1LFKJAjaccio Campo Dell' OroYes, Around the Clock
2LFAQAlbert Braybsi-amiens@douane.finances.gouv.frMon-Fri: Prior Notice 12HR. Sat,Sun: Prior Notice 24HR. Email to two email addresses:
3LFJRAngers Prior Notice 48HR
4LFBUAngouleme Brie-Champniersbsi-poitiers@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H
5LFLPAnnecy MeythetOn Request 24HR
6LFLAAuxerre Branchescli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frPrior Notice 4 Hours. Mon-Fri 1700-0900 with Prior Notice before 1500. Sat-Sun: Prior Notice Fri before 1500. Holidays: on the last working day before 1500.
7LFMVAvignon CaumontOn Request 24HR
8LFSBBasle-MulhouseYes, Around the Clock
9LFKBBastia PorettaCustoms : from 01/04 to 30/09 H24 from 01/10 to 31/03 HJ (HN O/R before 17 H)
10LFOBBeauvais TilleOn Request (0)3 44 45 08 92
11LFBEBergerac RoumaniereTue-Fri : Prior Notice 24HR. Sat,Sun,Mon: Prior Notice before Friday 1300 TEL : 05 53 22 25 27 - FAX : 05 53 03 47 90
12LFMUBeziers ViasDay Time on Request 24HR
13LFBZBiarritz Bayonne-AngletCustoms : On Request by FAX : 05 59 31 93 42 Prior Notice 24 HR
14LFBDBordeaux MerignacYes - Around the Clock
15LFRBBrest Guipavasbse-brest@douane.finances.gouv.frYes, Around the Clock. Prior Permission 24H
16LFSLBrive Souillacops@aeroport-brive-vallee-dordogne.comOn Request 48HR before FRI 1100. FAX: 05 55 22 59 95
17LFRKCaen Carpiquetaerotrafic@caen.cci.frOn Request 24H
18LFACCalais-DunkerquePrior Notice 2HR on Internet
19LFKCCalvi St CatherineCUSTOMS: Day Time from 01/05 to 30/09, Day Time Prior Notice 6HR from 01/10 to 30/04. IMMIGRATION: Winter: 0600-1700, Summer: 0500-1600.
20LFMDCannes MandelieuOn Request (No Details Given)
21LFMKCarcassonne Salvazacarcassonne@douane.finances.gouv.frFrom 01 APR to 31 OCT : 0600-1600. Outside these and from 01 NOV to 31 MAR On Request 24 HR
22LFOKChalons Vatrycli-metz@douane.finances.gouv.frYes, Around the Clock (Check for Out of Hours Costs)
23LFLBChambery Aix-les-Bainsta.dsac-ce@aviation-civile.gouv.frPrior Notice 1HR
24LFLXChateauroux DeolsYes, 0700-1900.
25LFRCCherbourg Maupertusbse-cherbourg@douane.finances.gouv.frPrior Notice 24H According to Airport Website, but some pilots have reported PPR with shorter notice to be acceptable
26LFLCClermont-Ferrand/Auvergn Clermont-Ferrand/Auvergneddpaf.63@interieur.gouv.frMon-Fri: On Request before 1600 on the previous day Sat,Sun: On Request before 1700 on Friday
27LFGAColmar Houssencli-metz@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H
28LFRGDeauville St Gatienoperations@aeroportdeauville.comYes Mon-Fri : 0700-1830 Sat,Sun,Holidays: 0800-1830
29LFSDDijon Longvic ABMon-Fri: Prior Notice 2HR. Sat/HOL: Prior Notice 24HR . Sun: Prior Notice 48 HR. Request via internet:
30LFRDDinard Pleurtuit-St Malobse-saint-malo@douane.finances.gouv.fr24H Prior Notice
31LFGJDole Tavauxcli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frMon-Fri 0700-1900 : 4 HR Prior Notice. Mon-Fri after 1900: Prior Notice before 1100. Sat,Sun,Holidays: 24HR Prior Notice
32LFSGEpinal Mirecourtcli-metz@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 2HR if exemption of customs duties. On Request 12 HR if customs operation requested at Douanes METZ.
33LFKFFigari/Sud Corse0600-1800 Prior Notice 6 HR to Ajaccio Immigration 04 95 10 55 20 - FAX : 04 95 22 50 45
34LFLSGrenoble St GeoirsMon-Sat: 0600-2000. Sun,Holidays: 0700-2000
35LFTHHyeres Le Palyvestre NavyOn Request
36LFTZLa MoleYes, Reinstated 2017
37LFBHLa Rochelle Ile de Rebse-la-rochelle@douane.finances.gouv.frMon-Fri 1000-2200: Prior Notice 4HR. Other times and Sat,Sunday and Holidays: Prior Notice before 1800 on the last working day.
38LFOVLaval EntrammesOn Request by FAX Prior Notice 24HR with ATS not later than previous working day
39LFMQLe CastelletOn Request 24H. Caution this site is not listed on the official EU list of entry points.
40LFOHLe Havre OctevilleDay Time: On Request 2HR. Night Time: On Request before 1700.
41LFRMLe Mans Arnagebsi-le-mans@douane.finances.gouv.frTue-Sat On Request before 1700 on the previous day. Sun, Mom and Holidays : before 1700 on the last working day
42LFATLe Touquet Paris-Plagedouane-aeroportletouquet@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 2H
43LFQQLille LesquinYes 0500-2200 and On Request before 1700
44LFBLLimoges BellegardeMon-Fri: Prior Notice 2HR request between 0500 and 1500. Sat,Sun,Holidays: On Request on the last working day before 1500.
45LFRHLorient Lann-Bihoue Navybse-lorient@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H
46LFLLLyon Saint ExuperyYes, Around the Clock. Prior Notice 20 Minutes between 2300-0230
47LFLYLyon Broncli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frMon-Fri: On Request 24HR. Sat,Sun,Holiday: OnRequest the last previous opening day before 1700.
48LFMLMarseille/ProvenceYes, Around the Clock
49LFQTMerville CalonneMon-Fri: 1100-1900 Prior Notice 4HR. 0700-1100 Prior Notice before 1400 on the last working day. Caution this site is not listed on the official EU list of entry points.
50LFJLMetz-Nancy/Lorraineinfo@lorraineairport.comOn Request 2H.
51LNMCMonaco Heliport MonacoOn Request 3H
52LFMTMontpellier/MediterraneeYes, 0500-2100
53LFRUMorlaix Ploujeanbsi-roscoff@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H. Caution this site is not listed on the official EU list of entry points.
54LFRSNantes/AtlantiqueYes, 0700-1900.
55LFMNNice/Cote d'AzurYes, Around the Clock
56LFTWNimes Garons NavyYes, 0700-1600. Outside these Hours: 1600-2100 Prior Notice before 1500. After 2100 Prior Notice 24HR. Sat,Sun,Holiday: Prior Notice on the last working day before 1500.
57LFOZOrleans St Denis de l'HotelPrior Notice 24HR
58LFOJOrleans Bricy ABOn Request 24HR
59LFPGParis Charles-de-GaulleYes, Around the Clock
60LFPBParis Le Bourgetlfpg-ctl@aviation-civile.gouv.frYes, Around the Clock
61LFPOParis Orlylfpo-sub-ctl@aviation-civile.gouv.frYes, Around the Clock
62LFPIParis Issy-Les-Moulineaux Heliport Issy-les-MoulineauxTue-Sat: On Request previous day before 1500. Sun,Mon,Holidays: On Request last working day before 1500. Possibility to reduce prior notice : ask for agreement with customs.
63LFBPPau/Pyreneesbsi-pau@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H by TEL : or or 09 70 27 56 00.
64LFMPPerpignan Prior Notice 24HR
65LFBIPoitiers Biardbsi-poitiers@douane.finances.gouv.frPrior Notice 24HRS and confirmation by email or fax
66LFSPPontarliercli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frPrior Notice 12HR
67LFRQQuimper Request 24H
68LFRNRennes St Jacquesbsi-rennes@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H
69LFCRRodez MarcillacOn Request 24HR by FAX: 33 (0)5 65 61 37 46. Copy to manager by FAX: 33 (0)5 65 42 07 10.
70LFOPRouen/Vallee de SeineOn Request 6HR. Send customs request or Flight Plan to LFOPXHAX
71LFRTSt Brieuc Armorbse-saint-brieuc@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H
72LFMHSt Etienne BoutheonPrior Notice 24HR.
73LFRZSt Nazaire MontoirMon-FriI On Request before 1200. Sat,Sun,Holidays: On Request on the last working day before 1200
74LFSTStrasbourg EntzheimYes, 0500-2200. Night Time On Request.
75LFBTTarbes Lourdes-PyreneesFrom 01/04 to 31/10: Around the Clock. From 01/11 to 31/03: 0800-2000 and 2000-0800 On Request before 1700 (except for diverted flights).
76LFBOToulouse BlagnacYes - Around the Clock
77LFOTTours Val de Loire ABbsi1-tours@douanes.finances.gouv.frOn Request 4HR
78LFQBTroyes Tue-Fri: Prior Notice before 1600 the day before. Sat-Mon: Prior Notice Friday before 1600
79LFLUValence Chabeuilcli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frOn Request 24H. Caution this site is not listed on the official EU list of entry points.
80LFLVVichy CharmeilYes, From 01/05 to 30/09: 0800-1100, 1300-1700. Caution this site is not listed on the official EU list of entry points.

Airfields of note that do not provide facilities, listed here because they may have in the past.

#ICAONameEmail Address on FileCustoms?
1LFOIAbbevillebsi-abbeville@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
2LFBAAgen La GarenneNo - Lost in 2016
3LFAYAmiens GlisyNo - Lost in 2016
4LFLIAnnemassecli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
5LFQMBesancon La Vezecli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
6LFBSBiscarrosse Parentisdsacso-aerodrome@aviation-civile.gouv.frNo - According to AIP
7LFLDBourgesbsi-bourges@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Prohibited
8LFLHChalon Champforgeuildefense-protection-civile@saone-et-loire.pref.gouv.frNo - Although AIP States On Request 72H. Confirmed they CANNOT accept UK Arrivals on Telephone May 2017. Caution this site is not listed on the official EU list of entry points.
9LFBGCognac Chateaubernard ABcognac@ba709.air.defense.gouv.frNo - According to AIP
10LFABDieppe St AubinNo – Lost in 2016
11LFEYIle d'Yeu Le Grand - According to AIP
12LFRILa Roche-sur-Yon Les AjoncsNo - Lost in 2016
13LFROLannionbse-saint-brieuc@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
14LFPLLognes Emerainvillebsi-marne-la-vallee@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
15LFSMMontbeliard Courcellescli-lyon@douane-finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
16LFQGNevers Fourchambaultcli-lyon@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Lost in 2016
17LFPTPontoise Cormeilles-en-VexinNo - Prohibited outside of Shengen/EU
18LFPNToussus-le-Noblesr-dugny@douane.finances.gouv.frNo - Outside EU/Shengen Prohibited