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General Aviation Reports
UK GAR Digital Submission to Border Force and Police
Transmission to Isle of Man and Dutch Customs
Pre-Filled forms for Channel Islands, Ireland & ICAO
Automatic Emailing to French Customs
Email Template Generation for Customs/PPR
Instant acknowledgement and Receipt for the UK
Read in detail about where the information goes
Easy and Fast to use
Stores all your Passenger Information
Works on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android
Copy existing forms for similar Journeys
Stores aircraft information for reuse
Comprehensive Landing Site database
Register for a User Account
Airports and Airfields
View the Forms that Pilots have entered
Integration for your existing system
Unlimited throughputs
Easy Search
Handles all audit requirements
Register for Admin Console Access
Passport Readers
For heavy users
5 Seconds to enter each Passenger
One swipe enters all data
Runs on Desktops or Windows Tablets
Supports 3M Swipe and Flat Bed Scanners
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